Borat’s Music Picks

Granted, this comes a month too late and recycles many of your favorite Borat jokes … but it doesn’t recycle ALL of your favorite Borat jokes, so we thought you’d get some parting giggles along the way to the Kazakh character’s descent to irretrievable overexposure. (Via Cornerstone):

1. “Beat It” – Michael Jacksons
I a huge fanny of this new song by dancing negro, Michael Jacksons. We have many major exports in my country -first is potassium, second is apples and third is small boys to Michaels ranch. Why not? Is niiice!

2. “You Be My Wife” from Borat Musical Listenings….
This is romantic song that I wrote about a woman’s in my moviefilm, whom I wanted to make romance inside off. This feature Belinda Bedekovic, our famous keytar player and was produced by Korki Buchek!!!

3. “Throw The Jew Down the Well” from Borat Musical Listenings for Make….
This is most popular children’s song in Kazakhstan. It is not in my moviefilm, but was record for Kazak television in cowboy bar in Arizona, which in US and A. I have hear this song have upset some peoples – I think it because my guitar playing not so good. I sorry.

4. “Macarena”
We play this party song at my first wife funeral. Happy times.

5. “It’s a Kind of Magic” – Queen
I like very much the lead singer – ladies man Frederick Mercury. It great shame that he die in that car crash. Many peoples say I looks like him, infacts, last month I come 7th in Almaty’s annual ‘who look most like Freddy Mercury’ competition. This out of over 843,000 entrant!

6. “Leader of the Gang” – Garry Glitter
This one from convicted sex criminal Gareth Glitter. He very much admired in Kazakhstan and his music is also popular. Infact he second most popular sex criminal in Kazakhstan. Our most popular Urkin the Rapist who become big star after appearing in my moviefilm ‘Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan’

7. “Elokeinu” on Album One Three Seven – Zohar
It is Jew music. You must listen to this, so you know what your enemy is think.

8. “Candle in the Wind” – Elton John
I very much like this song about crushed princess of Wales written by bald homosexual Elton John.

9. “Rock Me Amadeus” – Falco
Me and my producer Azamat Bagatov like listen to this.

10. “I Wanna Sex You Up” – Color Me Badd
This favourite of my 11 year old son, Bilak. His wife and childrens like it too.

11. “Holiday” – Madonna
I liking very much this new song by singing transvestite Madonna. He is very convincing, the only thing that gives him away is his big hands, and the bulge around his chram

This got us thinking that Sacha’s got some mettle going after Madonna after she gave him a nice break in the “Music” video. Mabe that tranny’s got a sense of humor! (More likely she’s fucking furious.) And since this is probably the last we’ll hear about Borat for a looong time, feel free to get those last Kazakh quotes out of your system in the comments (your friends will thank you, trust us).

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