John Krasinski Talks To The Shins

We don’t normally peruse Filter (mainly because every album gets an 89% rating) … but this month they invited John Krasinski (Jim from The Office) to interview his fave band, the Shins.

The product is a little bit cute (“You’re great!” … “No, YOU’RE great!”), a lotta bit awkward. But the Behind The Music: “Sea Legs” bit is pretty interesting.

JOHN: One of the coolest compliments I ever got was that The Office is the indie rock of television…
JAMES: It is really amazing…

JOHN: “Sea Legs” definitely has a hip-hop feel, but it’s so Smiths-y. [Everyone nods in agreement]
DAVE: That’s the second time we’ve heard that.
JAMES: We thought about that while we were doing it.
JOHN: Oh good, I thought you were about to punch me in the nose. “We hate Morrissey!”
DAVE: No, no. It’s good that people are picking up on that. It’s like if Morrissey sang for the Beta Band.
JAMES: The beat started out as a smashed plastic bag. That’s actually the bass sounds, the kick…
MARTY: Whoosh!
JAMES: Just once, then we sampled it. And the other sounds are bottlecaps on the amp…
MARTY: And a guitar pick on the teeth!
JESSE: We sampled and cut them up to create the beat, and then I used an 808 sample to beef it up once the song kicks in.
JOHN: That’s so cool…

Plastic bags and bottlecaps! They are so indie rock. Did anyone see the Gervais and Merchant scripted Office ep last night? Holy Danny Glover was that good times! NBC has posted two deleted scenes here, more this week. We can’t decide who’s been a better addition to the cast: Ed Helms or Prison Mike.

The Shins – “Phantom Limb” (MP3)