Bigmouths Strike Again: Talk Show Host Edition

On a normal day in Bigmouths, Kasabian would be the reveal after the jump. Today we’re gonna shake it up and use the steady stream of crap that dribbles from their mouths to test your television-personality instincts. Guitarist Sergio Pizzorno told Guardian:

We did [television show]. It’s like no other TV show ‘cos everyone’s shit scared of [person]. It’s fucking freezing cold in there ‘cos they don’t want anyone sweatin’ on camera. You’re not allowed to be in the corridor when [person is] in the corridor. [Host]’s like one of those mad fuckin’ sheikhs that you’re not allowed to look in the eye.

Make your guess then take the jump. Kay, fine, we’ll give you a hint on this one, too: It’s not Oprah.

You can watch Kasabian’s appearance on The Late Show here. Maybe it’s the fear that’s making ‘em sound so shitty.