New Rob Crow – “Up”

Prolific Pinbacker Rob Crow is back with a fuss-worthy solo effort, due out early next year. Being big Rob fans, we’re not surprised we love it; but given the amount Rob puts out there, under colorful monikers like Goblin Cock and Snotnose and The Ladies, we’re amazed at the quality of what he still has to say. Guess it makes sense, if only ’cause this is a personal record — about themes related to his family — while, say Goblin Cock, is death metal. Little overlap, there.

Anyway, the constantly amazing Crow’s album is outta sight, with stand-out moments in “Taste,” “Over Your Heart,” and “Bam Bam.” But here’s the premiere of our favorite, a sure shot for fans of Crow’s mathy acoustic riffs and trademark melodies.

Rob Crow – “Up” (MP3)

Living Well is out 1/23 on Temporary Residence Ltd.

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