War Doesn’t Solve Anything

It’s USA For Africa for the ironic hipster set! Head here for the “Coronation” episode of sketch comedy show Wonder Showzen, and FF to 14:27 for John Oates, Devendra, Corin Tucker, Bill Callahan, Rick Springfield, and puppets (via P4K). Showzen’s a Sesame Street-styled adult satire, created by PFFR’s John Lee and Vernon Chatman. PFFR guys: Where did you come up with this? And can we hang out with you?

And by Noel Gallagher’s words, war may not solve anything — but if you’re there, he says suck it up! (via):

The troops want to go, all they want to do is fight! They?re soldiers. They?re loving it, until they get shot – then they?re claiming compensation. If you?re bothered about getting shot ? here?s a thing ? don?t join the army.

Smart. Pick on soldiers (“all they want to do is fight!”) British military official Major Ben Wench had this retort during a recent speech:

I would caution anyone about passing comment on servicemen and women who are injured in the line of duty.

Yes, we volunteer to join the army and, of course, everyone is aware of the operational risks. But, no, we don’t volunteer to be blown up by roadside bombs, to be killed or maimed and to lose limbs.

I don’t think that anybody who has an injury could be accused of whingeing [sic]. We are a free society and people can say what they like. But, if we were all getting pop star wages, maybe we would have the luxury of whingeing a lot more.

And when the Major said that he would “caution anyone about passing on servicemen,” he probably meant that Gallagher should expect a smackdown soon. Better off turning up in parody sketch shows about war than running your mouth! But then, Noel just wouldn’t be the same if not afflicted with a persistent case of inflammatory verbal diarrhea.