Joe Budden Hearts Metallica

The mixtape circuit championed The Game-fueding Joe Budden a few years back, but “Pump It Up” was what broke him far and wide. His self-titled full-length didn’t go over as he wanted, but talks and leaked snippets of “Unforgiven” had people crowing “instant classic.” But it’s not a sample! Joe actually brought the Hetfield gang into the studio to rework their black album track. Budden spoke it with Let?s talk about this joint ?Unforgiven.? A couple people were really buzzing about that, calling it classic Budden material.

Joe Budden: Eh, ?Unforgiven,? featuring Metallica. It?s a dope track. The track is nuts. It jumps. Every other bar, the topic changes. It?ll go from talking about me and my deranged thinking at points to talking about poverty to depression. Any hardcore Joe Budden fan knows that if there?s one thing I do well, it?s vent and get introspective.

The track has finally leaked in full, Budden shifting flow with each topic. Worth a listen. Grab it at Nah Right.