Lily’s Pick For Most Overrated Pop Star

Everybody’s-MySpace-friend Lily Allen is on the verge of a US invasion, beginning with a 2/3 performance on SNL and followed by a string of big city shows — making this a perfect time for loudmouthing. And we bit. Here’s Lily’s latest unsolicited (and likely, unrequited) barb at Madonna and her record-buying fan base (via PR-inside):

The SMILE singer criticised the pop queen last August (06), saying, “She might have meant something once but I don’t know many people my age who care,” and now she’s lashed out at her again.
She says, “I never say anything unprovoked but an interviewer asked me who, in my opinion, was the most overrated pop star. And overrated for me is someone who sells a lot of records because of who they are. And I don’t think people buy Madonna’s records because they think they’re really good.”

Everybody hates Madge these days! Well at least Liam Neeson doesn’t. Lose Schindler and you’re done for.