Klaxons Cover Justin Timberlake

When NME’s hype machine goes into full gear (as for the genre they dubbed “New Rave”) we’re immediately on guard. But it’s not (necessarily) that we don’t trust them, just that their buzz-machine is deafening to the point of drowning out the band. And on first blush we weren’t sure about Klaxons and their day-glo, drug-loving gimmick; since then, though, we’ve come to see them in a new (non-black)light. Between the driving synth-pop of “It’s Not Over Yet,” the rave punk of “Gravity’s Rainbow,” and the soulful new-wave injection of “Golden Skans,” the band’s got us sold on the their full-length debut Myths Of The Near Future. Just not on their ecstatic adjectives like “MDMAzing.”

Anyway, Klaxons fans should check out their cover of Timberlake’s “My Love.” It’s a BBC radio rip, but the quality ain’t bad, and they nail the vocals, setting it to a “Karma Police” styled, acoustic guit-piano march. We like it, but at this point we’re wondering, who doesn’t listen to “My Love”? Grab it at i was there (via MOKB).