New Jill Cunniff – “Lazy Girls”

Luscious Jackson fans (stand and be counted!) should have a lot to look forward to this year. In addition to a Greatest Hits collection (due out in February), three of the Luscious ladies are jumping on the children’s music bandwagon, at work on a collection of tunes for your kids to rock to. Next month also sees the release of Jill Cunniff’s solo debut City Beach, an ode to the always classy Coney Island. LJ fans will be glad for the record’s dancey back beats, but there’s a nice dose of Tropicalia (and Emmylou Harris, on “Disconnection”) to mark it “new.” Here’s the summery lead track, all orange popsicles, flange guitars, and breezy melodies.

Jill Cunniff – “Lazy Girls” (MP3)

City Beach is out 2/20 on The Militia Group.