Lonely Island’s Incredibad Gets Tracklist, Not Aphex Twin

As previously reported, Saturday Night Live trio Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg release their debut Lonely Island LP next month. Incredibad features cameos from Norah Jones, Julian Casablances, and T-Pain, among others, and includes all your favorite musical digital shorts from SNL except the Aphex Twin-sampling “Iran So Far.” We asked Samberg why…

“Iran So Far” wasn’t included because the publishing company that covers “Avril 14th” was asking for WAY too much money. But that has nothing to do with Aphex Twin. He’s been totally cool about it all, he and Jorm actually emailed a bit and he was fine with everything. So yeah, we were disappointed that it wasn’t able to be included, but as they say in football, “You can’t spend that much of your budget on clearing a sample for your comedy album.”

Here’s what you will get on Incredibad.

01 “Who Said We’re Wack?” 1:16
02 “Santana DVX” (ft.E-40) 2:35
03 “Jizz In My Pants” 2:31
04 “I’m On A Boat” (ft.T-Pain) 2:36
05 “Sax Man” (ft. Jack Black) 2:07
06 “Lazy Sunday” (ft. Chris Parnell) 2:20
07 “Normal Guy” – Interlude 1:04
08 “Boombox” (ft. Julian Casablancas) 3:13
09 “Shrooms – Interlude” :34
10 “Like A Boss” 1:46
11 “We Like Sportz” 2:03
12 “Dreamgirl” (ft. Norah Jones) 3:13
13 “Ras Trent” (ft. Sly & Robbie) 2:05
14 “Dick In A Box” (ft. Justin Timberlake) 2:41
15 “The Old Saloon (Mix Tape Edit) – Interlude” 1:05
16 “Punch You In The Jeans” 2:46
17 “Space Olympics” 2:55
18 “Natalie’s Rap” (ft. Natalie Portman & Chris Parnell) 2:26
19 “Incredibad” 2:54

The CD comes with a bonus DVD:
01 “Jizz In My Pants” 2:32
02 “Just 2 Guyz” 2:07
03 “Lazy Sunday” (ft. Chris Parnell) 2:22
04 “Ras Trent” 2:08
05 “Dick In A Box” (ft. Justin Timberlake) 2:41
06 “We Like Sportz” 2:06
07 “Space Olympics” 3:01
08 “Bing Bong Brothers” 1:12

No “Natalie’s Rap” on the DVD, but that’s a publishing issue for another day.

Here’s the E.T.-inspired album cover:

And here’s Jorma’s Arcade Fire spec video:

Incredibad is out on Universal Republic on 2/10.