“Silent Saints” On A Berlin Train

“Silent Saints” On A Berlin Train

Reader Gunnar writes:

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the “year in mash-ups” by team9 very much. thank you for that!!!!

the “silent saints” impressed me so much, i love the knife and i love this kind of mash-up-blasphemy, so this song is just right! I thought it has this great “modern-human-alienated-in-a-decaying-city”-feeling, so i combined it with footage of a train ride in berlin along the to-be-closed-down-nazi-airport tempelhof.

this is the result.

the quality really sucks and nothing really happens, so that is perfect. it is so arty that you have to watch it a tleast ten times to like it.

Might need a few more than ten times to like it, but thanks for the effort Gunnar! Besides, any excuse to remind our new readers about team9’s awesome MySplice project is a good one. And Gunnar’s vid did get at least one rather insightful YouTube comment:

moment of depth and thorough beauty – until I hit Baumschulenweg and realised I wasn’t in Ringbahn at all.

Exactly what we were thinking.

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