New Frog Eyes – “Idle Songs”

It’s been nearly a year since Frog Eyes floored us at Mercury Lounge over two nights of mic-assaulting anxiety-ridden freak outs. From the little we’ve heard of the forthcoming Tears Of The Valedictorian, Carey and crew continue to push the boundaries of their paranoid spasms, trading in pulsing band breaks, angry six-string jags, and scene-setting keyboard-guitar mesh. Anything but ordinary and sure to annoy some — but we unabashedly adore it.

Frog Eyes – “Idle Songs” (MP3)

Good stuff, but even “Idle Songs” doesn’t hold a candle to the sprawling, nine-minute shape-shifter that is the record’s mesmerizing first single, “Bushels.” A must have.

Frog Eyes – “Bushels” (MP3)

Guarantee that mic was drenched in spittle after that session.

Tears Of The Valedictorian is out 5/1/07 on Absolutely Kosher.

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