New Odawas – “The Ice”

This track from Indianapolis haze rockers Odawas second full-length Raven And The White Night will take a few listens to get at you, but it’s worth the effort. Michael Tapscott’s richly reverbed, sincere tenor rings through a long hall of sonar chirps, thunder clouds, and the occasional harmonica line for a loose gem that’s part interstellar exploration and reminiscent of your favorite Grandaddy.

Odawas – “The Ice” (MP3)

And if you missed it a few weeks ago, here’s the record’s fantastic first single, which unfolds just as beautifully and a bit more purposefully. Must have.

Odawas – “Alleluia” (MP3)

Stream the whole record here.

Raven And The White Night is out 3/6 on Jagjaguwar.

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