New Dappled Cities – “Fire Fire Fire” (Tim Goldsworthy/DFA Remix)

In the months since we’ve checked in with Aussie Band To Watch Dappled Cities Fly, they’ve apparently dropped the “Fly.” We wholeheartedly approve. So, the new look Dappled Cities are finally ready to try their hand with American audiences with three sets at SXSW and a summertime, States side release of their worthy, sophomore record Granddance. We figure buzz will build on these shores in the coming months, but getting Tim Goldsworthy to DFA-ify your first single is a good first step.

Dappled Cities – “Fire Fire Fire (Tim Goldsworthy/DFA Remix)” (MP3)

Hear the original and other Dappled cuts at MySpace.

Granddance sees US release 6/5 on Dangerbird.