SXSW: The Twilight Sad/Rob Crow/Slaraffenland @ Mohawk

Seems like it’s getting a little more crowded by the minute down here, so picking a venue with a solid bill top to bottom is helpful, if not advisable. The other night, Mohawk played host to Two Bands To Watch and a Pinback front man, so our choice was clear. This was the first time we’d ever seen Denmark’s Slaraffenland, one of our most anticipated acts for the week. We were hoping they’d transform the room into a surreal, Scandinavian art house full of horns, chants, and epic segues, but we had to settle for a plain old good set of music. Rob Crow was there, too, playing material from his outstanding solo record and some Pinback faves, but he needed his other men to offer material from Other Men, this year’s second awesome Crow release. As for our favorite Glaswegians these days, The Twilight Sad, well we’d take ‘em any night of the week. Preferably a little less drunk than they were at Mohawk, but even a boozed up James Graham, head slung back to soak up the fractured shards of guitar noise, is a more engaging front man than most you’ll see in Austin.


More photos and MP3s after the jump.



The Twilight Sad – “And She Would Darken The Memory” (MP3)
Rob Crow – “I Hate You Rob Crow” (MP3)
Slaraffenland – “Polaroids” (MP3)

For the Twilight Sad completists, head to FatCat for a free MP3 of their contribution to the soundtrack for Brilliant Noise, a short film made from digitally manipulated footage of the sun by a group of artists currently known as Semiconductor. Pretty cool — err, extremely hot — project.