New Apples In Stereo Video – “Can You Feel It”

For the Apples’ first vid from New Magnetic Wonder, they went vintage with Elijah; next it was DIY in an SUV at Sundance; and now it’s sequenced still shots and pop art. Such is E6ers artistic progression.

Nice to see the Maxell blown away guy get some iconic love in there, right? Director Nol Honig explains:

My inspiration was to make something that looked old and new at the same time, since that is how The Apples in Stereo sound to me. “Can You Feel It” has a ‘modern retro’ sound, with influences from pop music of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, but is, at the same time, very 2007 in the way that it is put together. This was essentially my blueprint for the video: to combine and collage visual references from the past in a fresh, 3-D way. Since the lyrics are about “turning up the stereo,” I was drawn to advertising images of people and their home stereo systems from these decades. I love the design of those old advertisements, as well as the look of the old-school Hi Fi stereos, so I created a world in that style.

ID the ad references!