Arctic Monkeys Sling Shite At Radio 1, Hip Hop, Mark Ronson

The press tour is shifting into high gear for Arctic Monkeys, getting closer to unleashing their Favourite Worst Nightmare on fans excited by the killer first single “Brianstorm” (that includes us, though second leaked track “505” isn’t quite as exciting) — and there’s no better way to draw some ears than by berating the station that supports you. Guitarist Jamie Cook started the shitstorm during the A’Monks interview with The Sun, and Alex was there for verbal support:

JAMIE COOK: English radio is terrible, and Radio 1 plays a lot of crap music. I realised that the other morning when I had the radio going. Even music I don?t usually listen to, like hip-hop, is obviously bad at the moment. There is no real hip-hop anymore.

ALEX TURNER: Timbaland is in every video. He is just standing there, looking confused.

JAMIE COOK: All right, he?s a good producer, but he?s in every song right now. Come on, there are other producers ? and other beats.

ALEX TURNER: Still, what he does is good. I hate all those Pop Idol singers. And let me tell you what I can?t stand ? that f****** R?n?B cover version of “Stop Me If You Think You?ve Heard This One Before.?

Pop Idol, fine. British radio, can’t weigh in. But are we listening to the same Smiths cover? Ronson and Daniel Merriweather’s “Stop Me” is so awesome! (Hear it at MySpace.) Dig the eight-bar outro flip to the Supremes’ “You Keep Me Hangin’ On.” That track is on constant repeat at Stereogum HQ, along with the rest of Ronson’s Version. Just ’cause the horns sorta swing and the guitars don’t spike don’t mean it ain’t ace, Alex. We’re sure that “Stop Me” and “Brianstorm” being released within the same week has nothing to do with it.