Sir Isaac Explains The We Were Dead… Cover

When we ask you guys to don your graphic designer caps and weigh in on new album cover art, we’re looking for interpretation as much as we’re hoping for erudite “sucks donkey balls” slams. Some covers elicit more speculation and feedback than others, and Modest Mouse’s We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank was a prime example. Commenter tinyjudas said:

What with all the pointy triangles, looks like that balloon’s in real trouble. Lucky its only carrying an anchor.

El Payo offered:

That cover would lead one to believe that the title refers to death from lack of oxygen at high altitude rather than death by drowning. The ‘ship’ is an airship and ‘sinking’ would mean slowly falling back to Earth.

And perhaps most relevantly, Fred said:

its no avocado.

Nope it’s not; there can be only one. So whenever possible, we like to drum up the band’s perspective. Brock explains in the latest Entertainment Weekly:

The picture on the cover is a hot-air balloon with an anchor instead of a basket. It’s an idea I came up with because it represents stasis — the balloon will never go up or down. It’s just a general feeling I have about everything: Every time we seem to cure or solve something, another problem pops up.

If you need a refresher on that glass-half-empty, check the original artwork after the jump.

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