Lily Allen Is A Sore Victim

So there’s this song circling UK radio which satirizes the hipster nightlife elite called “LDN Is A Victim,” a quick hit in the vein of “Thou Shalt Always Kill,” in constant rotation at Radio 1. Guardian blogs about the song:

The action kicks off at YoYo in Notting Hill, the club run by Lily Allen’s boyfriend, record exec Seb Chew, and the girl herself is there, having a pop at Adele and Kate Nash, in the company of Mark Ronson and Future Cut. Then on to the Garage in Highbury to see the ever-so-hot Remi Nicole.

Jack Penate “and his public school rock’n’roll crew” are also present, “saying things like ‘It’s soooo rock’n’roll, it’s awesome, groovy,’ but what do they know, this is middle-class, art school thing, yeah?” And so on … The point being that the satire is spot on.

Spot on, maybe — but it’s not very good, so we spared you. But nobody defends Lily Allen like MySpace-Lily Allen, and she came to her own rescue with a class-y comment on (via NME):

So what if w’ere middle class ? Just cause your mum was too lazy to get her fat ass up off the sofa and make some cash . I shouldn’t be able to make tunes yeah ? ( which is more than you’re doing by the way . ) Kate nash is well better than you , as are all the other people you talk about . Anyways im off to meet Jack Penate , Jamie T and the maccabees , for cucumber and cheese sandwiches in the conservatory . Thanks for the song it really has made us see the light , now we know where we belong.

Fight satire with sarcasm! That should go well. You can hear the song on the “LDN Is A Victim” MySpace page. Knowledgeable UK readers, why has this struck such a nerve abroad? Is it backlash? Or just bored Radio 1 DJs having a laugh? Unemployed US readers, Lily is on the Today show this Friday.

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