Lily Allen Cancels US Tour Stops, Doesn’t Blog About It

Of course that’s not true. Suppose it would be more newsworthy if in fact she didn’t take to MySpace to explain it away, but Lily’s apology for canceling most of her May and June dates in the States is right cheeky. Wouldn’t expect less. She blogs:

Hey Guys ,
I’m writing to tell you that I have cancelled many of my May and June tour commitments in America . The reason for this , is because my mummy and daddy are very rich , and I have never been in a position where i have actually had to do any hard work before . I thought that being a popstar meant going out getting trashed with famous people and sleeping in all day . The fact that this is not true has come as a huge dissapiontment to me , and as a result I am throwing the towel in .

No but seriously , I have been on tour with this album for a year now , I have fulfilled every commitment up to this point . I am tired , but more than that I don’t think I have been giving my best performances recently . I have been getting really drunk because i’ve been so nervous about doing bad shows , and I don’t want people spending money on a going to see a show that isnt the best it could be . I am not falling apart at the seems , I am not suffering with exhaustion , I am not pregnant , and I am not going to rehab . I will be here in America , promoting the album and also starting to write the second album , which I am beyond excited about . The LA and New York shows will still be happening , and I am still playing Coachella and Bonaroo and all the other festivals .

I’d like to apologise to anyone who has bought tickets , but you can get your money back , if you take ‘em back to the place you bought them from .

Nice candor, Lil. Doesn’t her drinking work to her benefit? Apparently she was hilarious in her boozed-up tirade on Philly at Irving Plaza last week (sorry, we won’t be calling it Fillmore just yet).

She’s totally preggers isn’t she.

UPDATE: The cleaned up, press release-friendly version of Lily’s quote (and modified tour dates) after the jump.

“I want to give my best to every audience I play to but, at the same time, I am itching to get back in the studio to start recording these great new songs, to keep things fresh for the audience and for myself,” said Lily. “I am not falling apart at the seams, I am not suffering with exhaustion, I am not pregnant, and I am not going to rehab. I will be here in America, promoting the album and also starting to write the second album, which I am beyond excited about.”

PR people make everything better.

Lily’s less intense tour schedule
04/29 – Indio, CA (Coachella Festival)
05/13 – Seattle, WA @ Everett Events Center (KBKS’s “106.1 Girls Night Out”)
05/15 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern
06/01 – Charleston, SC @ Center Stage at The Plex
06/12 – New York, NY @ Roseland Ballroom
06/15 – Manchester, TN @ (Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival)

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