Urban Outfitters Stitch Up A Seamless Lineup

Less surprised by bands choosing to play Urban Outfitters (remember, they’re selling Cat Power shirts) than by the quality lineup they’ve pulled together. The Free Yr Radio tour, to benefit indie radio stations, is touring some of the nation’s Urban Outfitter locations, bringing some high-caliber bands to places that probably don’t see ‘em often (Lawrence, KS!). The lineup includes:

The Ponys
The Long Winters
Man Man
The Rapture
Rogue Wave
Tapes ‘N Tapes
Dinosaur Jr

Might wanna time your next apparel-purchasing trip accordingly. But don’t forget kids, Urban Outfitters are thieves. Free Yr Radio dates and locations after the jump.

04/15 – Chicago, IL (Klaxons)
04/24 – Lawrence, KS (The Ponys)
04/28 – Houston, TX (Voxtrot)
05/01 – Seattle, WA (The Long Winters)
05/09 – Durham, NC (Annuals)
05/19 – Boulder, CO (Man Man)
05/21 – Philadelphia, PA (The Rapture)
05/25 – Santa Cruz, CA (Rogue Wave)
06/05 – Minneapolis, MN (Tapes ‘N Tapes)
06/11 – Cambridge, MA (Dinosaur Jr)

One more TBA.