David Vandervelde/Spoon @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC 4/23/07

Spoon slid into Bowery last night for an expectedly excellent “secret show” (which sold-out soon after going on sale, so yes, very secret), knocking out 17 of your favorites and five cuts from the incredibly titled Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. It was our second stint with “Don’t You Evah” and “Don’t Make Me A Target,” (the latter sounding punchier than before) and our first with the likes of “They Never Got You” and its jammy, two-chord vamp. Couldn’t see much of the audience’s reactions (we chose close pics over birds-eye viewing), but friends complained of a tepid crowd. On a Monday night at Bowery? That’s how these things go, sadly. Shouldn’t reflect on the Britt band’s set, though; the reigning kings of consistency were crisp and taut, if a shade off the superior.

The night also gave us a long overdue look at artist to watch David Vandervelde & The Moonhouse Station Band, turning heads with manic lead guit, a searing take on the Rolling Stones’ “Cocksucker Blues” and a raucous rendition of David’s Bolan-friendly single “Nothin’ No.”

Anyway, here’s Britt doing his eye-contact-and-smile thing.

More pics and Spoon setlist love after the jump.


SPOON SETLIST (via Fluxblog)
01 “Don’t You Evah”
02 “My Mathematical Mind”
03 “Stay Don’t Go”
04 “The Fitted Shirt”
05 “The Delicate Place”
06 “Rhthm And Soul”
07 “The Beast And Dragon, Adored”
08 “Me And The Bean”
09 “I Turn My Camera On”
10 “Don’t Make Me A Target”
11 “Paper Tiger”
12 “Everything Hits At Once”
13 “The Way We Get By”
14 “Eddie’s Ragga”
15 “Vittorio E”
16 “They Never Got You”
17 “I Summon You”
18 “Jonathon Fisk”

19 “Black Like Me”
20 “Someone Something”
21 “The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine”
22 “Mountain To Sound”