The Fragile Army, Mashed

It’s been a tough to keep up with just how many of our favorite bands were dropping new material in ’07, and Tim DeLaughter’s solution is one to grab even the most ADD-addled blogger: ditch the rainbow robes, don the black parade fatigues, and tease the forthcoming record in a coherent, seamless mashup. This track comprises bits from all eleven cuts from The Fragile Army, perfect for the Ritalin set, still enough to whet you Spree fiends’ appetites for a few weeks. We even get a little promo pitch from Tim in the coda.

The Polyphonic Spree – “Fragile Army Mashup” (MP3)

Wow. Yes, we just got a whole lot more excited, too. The Fragile Army is out 6/19 on TVT. Sucks to have to wait ’til June, but that gives you plenty of time to cop the new Polyphonic threads.