New Lewis & Clarke – Blasts Of Holy Birth

Lewis & Clarke is the brainchild of mountain man Lou Rogia, a “rat-race expatriate” who moved his family to the Delaware Water Gap. (We dig backwoods troubadours.) Some call his music freak-folk, but it isn’t all that freaky. Elements of eastern instrumentation blend with acoustic plucking, sounding at once exotic and accessible, à la Macha on morphine, or, on this track, Kings Of Convenience.

Lewis & Clarke – “We Think We Have Eyes” (MP3)

So, Lewis & Clarke — not a duo, but not a one-mand band either. Man Man’s Russell Higbee plays harp and and Eve Miller of Rachel?s joins on cello. They call their sound “Post-Folk Neo-Baroque.”

“Before It Breaks You” is the finest moment on the record, stretching over ten minutes, moving through autumnal chamber folk, ending with group harmonies over a tanpura.

Lewis & Clarke – “Before It Breaks You” (MP3)

Stream Blasts Of Holy Birth here. It’s out 5/15 on La Société Expéditionnaire, and you can pre-order here.