Bigmouths Strike Again: Concert Abolitionist/Walkman Inventor Edition

Maybe this interviewee was caught on a bad day, but somebody’s sounding a little burned out, and a little jaded. First out of this artist’s mouth, on the joys of touring…

Live performing is becoming an absurdity. The internet could and should make it redundant. Until global live internet events satisfy music fans who need to feel involved, I must travel the longest distance to be with them.

Wasn’t over there, though. The next bit ups the cranky quotient and is sure to win your patent pity.

I would carry around with me some kind of sound system to use while driving. I developed a number of portable players employing headphones, eventually coming up with something very much like the Walkman cassette machine. I was furious when I realised I hadn’t had the time or the inclination to patent it and Sony would develop it and rule the world.

Guess our tour-hating Thomas Edison, take the jump.