This Ain’t A Scene, It’s The Goddamn Orchid Bar

Maybe Angels and Kings’ target clientele’s too young to drink, or perhaps it was the rain (or the fact that no one else goes drinking on Tuesday nights). Walking into the place to the Oxford Collapse’s “Please Visit Your National Parks” seemed at least anthemically promising, but whatever the case, a late evening Stereogum field trip to Pete Wentz’s new bar AK-47 turned up a nice mug shot theme, a gong recycled/held over from the bars’ Orchid days (wait, as were the circles behind the bar, the karaoke projector screen, the walls, the…), and a good jukebox (Jens Lekman, whoa) — but nary an emo kid (or adult) in the flesh. (There was a chihuahua, true, but he was traveling with us.)

Don’t tell any of this to Fox 11, though.

First came this North Dakota exposé on the score keeping tactics of the “emos” (“short for emotionals”). Points for cutting, jackpot for suicide!

And it appears the fear is spreading. Last night reader Moded hit us with the latest update on “emos,” or “scene kids,” as we’re told this “deadly,” “extreme” fashion/lifestyle’s now called. (As one kid puts it in the earlier report, “Some of them cut themselves and they like to wear tight clothes.”)

We prefer the Fox 11 report: Less focus on some philosophical police dude explaining why emos wear their hair over one eye and more footage of Thursday, My Chemical Romance, and sundry excitable “scene kids” shouting in unison while wearing huge buckles, double piercings, girl pants, and plenty of eyeliner. Admittedly, the fact that punks, heavy metal dudes (has anyone gone to the “Emocide Festival”?), and goths
(what?) are kicking serious emo ass is news to us. (A shamed Guy Picciotto couldn’t be reached for comment.)

As our tipster Moded put it, the whole spiraling hubbub is pretty redolent of when the evening news/media spent an inordinate amount of time “exposing ‘rave parties’.” We second that, adding breakdancing, skateboarding, trucker hats, and grunge (remember the faux “grunge speak” snuck into the New York Times?) to the list. General silliness and hyperbolic news speak aside, it’s fun to see these kids swingin’ on the flippity-flop.

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