Y Tori Kant Spell “MILF”

A blossoming debate for TV Standards & Practices nuts: Is saying (or in Tori’s case, spelling) “MILF” indecent and offensive? This week’s Entertainment Weekly happened to speak with four anonymous TV execs about permissible phrases, one of whom hit upon the Mother:

One of the things we have to do, whether it’s by using “You suck” or “MILF,” is to evolve. Expressions or usages become popularized. I don’t think we want to be part of a corasening of the culture, but I suspect even in Peoria, Illinois, there are words regularly used on playgrounds that we still don’t allow on our network.

“MILF,” ever the grade school staple, arguably attained critical mass awareness with American Pie, though judging by Ms. Amos’s “Big Wheel” performance on Letterman, a Stifler sanction ain’t enough for S&P. ‘Cause Tori is a MILX. Don’t you forget.

As a Metafilter commenter noted, if she’s gonna change it, shouldn’t she say MYLF (‘Mother YOU’d like to fuck’)? Good point, but Tori’s weird. Maybe one of her personalities thinks she IS a mother I’d like to xylophone.