Voilà, Your Volta Victors

After a sufficient amount of pre-release buzz and chatter, Björk’s Volta finally sees release tomorrow, so we figured we’d remind you of that fact by announcing the winners of our Volta Photoshop This! Challenge. We relied upon your votes on the submissions — good thing, ’cause we were having a tough time narrowing it down any further! So thanks to you, we have our three big winners. The top vote getter was Adrian and his Björk Potato Head.


The rest of ‘em are nestled comfortably after the jump.

2nd and 3rd was a tie between FutureSex and Fruity Pebbles.



Congrats Adrian, Eugene, and Morne! Check yer email, we’ll be in touch to secure delivery of a sealed copy of Volta post haste. The artwork will appear as Bjork intended, but we fully expect you to alter it to your taste. Everyone else, pick up the disc at Insound.

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