Ben Gibbard Continues The Cover Love, Tackles The Mountain Goats

While we were at Radio City last night, Ben Gibbard was 90 miles down the NJ and PA turnpikes at Philly’s TLA on South Street for another stop on his solo tour. Of course you know what that means: more covers! And not surprisingly, Darnielle’s Mountain Goat bleat is a better fit for Ben than was Cobain’s In Utero anguish. Feast yer eyes and ears on Ben doing the Mountain Goats’ “Palmcorder Yanja.” (Thanks for sending it in, Sam!)

For those that can’t make it, tune in to NPR tonight for a live feed of Ben’s set at the 9:30 Club in D.C. and stream away. What new cover will he do tonight? Guess right (before 9:30 PM EST) and … we’ll be impressed.