New Andrew Bird Ringtone – “Elizabeth The 1st”

After he turned up on a kids’ show as Dr. Stringz, we know there’s nothing apocryphal about Andrew’s forays into extra-curricular cultural activities. The guy just likes to be involved and bring his sweet whistling to the masses. Hence Bird’s stint as ambassador to his home state of Illinois, soundtracking the tourist board’s “Enjoy Illinois” TV spots. And now you, too, can brandish your love for the Land Of Lincoln with this 30-second cellphone soundbite of “Elizabeth The 1st,” a tune composed by Andy and named for his hometown. (via P4K)

Andrew Bird – “Elizabeth The 1st” (MP3 Ringtone)

[Pic from Andrew Bird’s set at Bowery Ballroom 1/17/07.]

After testing, Blackberrys do indeed accept Andrew’s tuneage. But if your QWERTY enabled bricks ever give you ringtone issues, try this. Works like a charm! Now we answer all our calls to Mandy Moore’s “Extraordinary” and officially are the life of the party.

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