Your LolZeitgeist Winner

Thanks guys for submitting your Smashing Pumpkins lolcats iconography! A lot of your submissions were similar — nearly identical, really — which is to be expected (impact font and Corgan’s cue ball only leave so much room for artistic latitude). But one entry stood out from the pack. It had that extra je ne sais quoi — and so we have our winner, waiting for you after the jump.

Congratulations Lucas R., you are the winner of our stupid contest! Way to work in some Satellite Party love. Your reward is to have us forward your .jpg onto Pumpkins management so they can use it on the album. Or arrest you.

We figure the Pumpkins’ single is gonna leak any day now. Maybe this weekend? If you get your hands on it, you know where to find us. Lingering Cornelius classy-ness dismissed.