And You Thought Brandon’s Voice Sounded Strained On “When We Were Young” Before

You guys have been writing about the scene during the Killers show at Red Rocks in Colorado last night where, after two songs, B. Flo called it quits on the set. Merry Swankster was there and reports:

Brandon Flowers was visibly and audibly upset while singing “When You Were Young” and walked off the stage. Ending what first appeared to be a moment of lyrical forgetfulness and turning it into an extended break with PA music turned on in an attempt to distract from the empty stage at the base of the sandstone monoliths.

Roughly ten minutes later, drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. offered the confused crowd an explanation, which Swankster captured for posterity.

The audience at that point sounds, eh, 50% supportive and 50% lynch-mob-y. But the same news coming from a supposedly qualified medical professional? Crowd wasn’t having it. Check it after the jump.

Note to Flowers: If you get sick, don’t send the doc on stage — it’ll only make you look like more of a wussy and incite your audience. Just pull an Axl and walk off (that always ended well, right?).

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