Zach Galifianakis Interviews Spin Doctors’ Lead Singer Fiona Apple

Few do “endearingly bizarre” with as much style and lovability as Zach and Apple, so their easy breezy rapport during this interview for the Artist On Artist series is a perfect meeting of the deviant minds. And a revealing glimpse at Fiona’s writing process.

BONUS: Must-see TV of Zach being creepy as shit in the Ellen studio (as an audience member), refusing to do the obligatory bumper-song dance.

Originally, BWE ended the story by saying he got kicked out, but later Zach wrote in:

The story is that Ellen was watching me in her dressing room – and asked security if I looked weird or suspicious or something like that. My friend who works on the show overheard her and told Ms. Degeneris that I was a friendly – there is a little more to the story but I will keep that secret. But I was not at all asked to leave. If you do not dance with the creeps you are seen as a creep.

If we didn’t know Zach, we’d probably call security on him, too.