New Timbaland Video [Feat. The Hives] – “Throw It On Me”

Last we checked in with Howlin’ Pelle, he detailed the Swedes’ escape from their garages in April, stopping into the studio with the Raconteurs and doing some guest belting on a track for Timbaland. Here’s what Howlin’ Pelle blogged about filming the Timbo video:

Shot video for the Timbaland song we are guesting on. It was an unbelievably LA experience. We basically ate catering, stood in front of a green screen, hung out with friendly female wrestling stars who showed us a few moves and managed to keep it Hives through the day. All of this at Universal studios.

The clip takes the Hives and Timbaland for a trip through Sin City, and as promised, the friendly female wrestlers ply on the moves. Clever Pelle doesn’t actually climb in the ring with the femmes, but we’re sure he took a tutorial at the wrap party.