New Strokes Video – “You Only Live Once”

In which we see the retro cool of the Strokes as the logical extension of centuries of physical and spiritual (hey, meditating lady) evolution. Seems like this record came out like four years ago, right? “Juicebox” leaked and set an underwhelming first impression of First Impressions in late ’05, so in blog years it was ages ago — but when a Lucasfilm art director (Warren Fu) says he’s “determined” and inspired, why not take him up on his intergalactic cinema chops. The vid is composed “entirely of CGI … [paying] homage to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey as well as the NASA spacecrafts of the 1970’s.” After a cool use of the abrupt outro cut from Impressions track “Ize Of The World,” Fu’s film unfolds, giving a futuristic spin on possibly the best Strokes song to date (i.e. 1977 A.D.). Watch it at Imeem.

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