Sufjan Stevens Stuff Not Relating To That “Rock Song”

Figured we’d wait a day for you to process and enjoy Sufjan’s awesome, shockin’ raw tune “In The Words Of The Governor” — just ’cause it took us at least that long to stop listening (obsessively) — before rounding up some of the other Soofy stuff going on around the web. For one, Sounds Familyre is offering up a vinyl reissue of Seven Swans, including a 7″ with two previously unreleased songs from the sessions. More info about that here. And here’s a song from Seven Swans that was previously released from the sessions, but MP3s are fun so there ya go.

Sufjan Stevens – “Sister” (MP3)

And elsewhere, the masters of putting indie artists in awkward positions and making it all look and sound beautiful (i.e. La Blogothèque) lured Sufjan on to a windy roof in Cincinnati during the MusicNOW festival (where, incidentally, Mr. Stevens showed off some new tunes), and the man with the banjo chose to cover the Innocence Mission’s lovely “The Lakes Of Canada.”

Haa, remember when he used to play the banjo? By the way, does anybody remember Polvo? ‘Cause Soof does.