New Kanye West Video – “Stronger”

Kanye takes videos really, really seriously. And Hype Williams keeps it nothing but high-concept for “Stronger”: The Daft robots monitor world events and tweak the settings on million-dollar-Kanye so he can be a harder, better, faster, stronger playa. Think about it: Only a bionic Kanyego could get away with those ventilated, venetian whiteglasses. May be a slowed-up Punk sample, but the clip’s all about speed, from the blurry-fast motorcycle to the stutter-shot dancing West. And the Japanese military seems to be freaking out over all of this, probably ’cause they rightly fear Kanye is about to unleash the world’s perfect pickup line: “There’s a 1,000 yous but only one of me.” Try it next time you’re out! (But not to those Daft hands, unless you want “our work is never over” imprinted on your cheek.) Anybody wanna translate those subtitles?