The White Stripes Play A Secret Show A Winnipeg Transit Bus, Help Its Passengers See God

File this one under ‘Jack & Meg are the coolest sister-lover-brother bandmates ever.’ While on their Canadian sightseeing tour (shows in each province), the Stripes set up something special for a handful of message board trolls. Here’s what the YouTube uploader had to say…

This is a video clip of an unannounced afternoon show in Winnipeg. We heard on a message board of a surprise show at the forks in downtowm Winnipeg. We were ammong 20 people escorted into a bus, which picked up Jack and Meg at the next stop.

The clip picks up with the Whites singing “The Wheels On The Bus Go ‘Round And ‘Round,” before taking a request for “Hotel Yorba.” Some of the exlamations you’ll hear:

  • “You guys are like the awesomest, I swear!!”
  • “This is the craziest thing in the world!!”
  • “Oh my fucking god this is insane. Holy Christ this is insane.”
  • “Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

  • You won’t see god, you won’t see a great visual, but you weren’t there! Still lots of fun. Click the box to enjoy, and big thanks to Mark for letting us know.