Pitchfork Music Festival 2007: Clipse Are Trill

“I know you have a peaceful event here and all…” Pusha-T said a few tracks into the Clipse’s day-stealing set — and a few minutes later, it was a crowd of thousands hollering back “ka-ka-kat-kat” in joyous gunshot unison. Call ‘em Frosty (they want you to), and know the snow-blowing Thornton sibs are a must-see hip-hop act. Malice and Pusha’s cadences keep the metaphor alive on record, delivering lines with icy marksmanship — but live, things get heated; their lines about blowing lines come with voices strained and know-all expressions. Mark Ronson may have the term on lockdown, but Clipse’s rhymes feel like the authentic shit. Hipster’s choice for coke-rap record of the year Hell Hath No Fury has its anthems, and we got ‘em yesterday (“Wamp Wamp” (with Sim Thug turning up for lyrical duty), “Ride Around Shining,” “Keys Open Doors”). The sound at the festival may be dodgy, but tickets were reasonable — we got it for cheap –and Clipse paid ‘em back in full.

Check back later for more fest coverage (including Mastodon, Cat Power, Iron & Wine, Beach House, and Grizzly Bear). Too many Clipse pics after the jump.