New Travis Morrison – “As We Proceed” (And All Y’all Album Art/Stream)

Certain point-less reviews far behind and buried (mostly), time to lend a fresh set of ears to D-Plan man TravMo’s solo abilities. And thankfully, Travis’s done all the heavy lifting; preliminary spins of his forthcoming LP All Y’All reveal more to enjoy than just the ridiculous/wonderful album title. As always, he’s coming with broad and weird reference points (“We were cool as a Giacometti,” he sings on “I Do”) and a lot of staccato/oddly robotic delivery, mixed and mastered alongside hairpin turns to double-time (“You Make Me Feel Like A Freak”) polyrhythmic rock (“As We Proceed”), genre-amalgamation (“Catch Up“), and the sort of runaway melodies you’ve come to expect. Even the fusion-fed vamp of opener “I’m Not Supposed To Like You” isn’t safe from Travis’s overactive impulse to arrange, the funk chopped periodically with quick-hit metric modulations, building to a skronky sax climax. ADD’s delight, highly recommended for the ritalin set. Here’s a standout…

Travis Morrison – “As We Proceed” (MP3)

Stream it at All Y’All is out 8/21 via Barsuk.