Bigmouths Strike Again: Diddy’s Bentley Edition

This ain’t no mud hut, this ain’t no disco… Who’s mad as hell, and not gonna take this anymore?

“You know, hip-hop came out of having the right stuff, and you had to have a slavery and you had to have a war and you had to have all these things in order for Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs to be singing about fucking Bentleys. You had to have that journey. That takes a long time, and in America it took three generations for that to happen. And for me to come from a mud hut and to be here and shouting in front of a disco, it took me 15 years. And that’s all I represent. Everything boiled down is that, that’s all it is. If I get it back to Africa, this is what I’ve accomplished.”

Guess the gob, then take the jump.

Who knew that breakfast with Maya would turn into a long-ranging, rambling bitchfest? Not the interviewer, who gets an unexpected earful from the fiery, Sri Lankan goddess. Sounds like she’s pissed at Diplo. And Pitchfork. And lots of other stuff. Couple of interesting points buried in there, about politics, sexism and celebrity, and the third world. Guess we can’t blame her for feeling put-upon by the constant Diplo associations — despite the awesomeness of “Paper Planes” (What? He’s her ex? She’s looking for a husband? Get Ansari on the phone!). But an unprovoked shot at Diddy’s Bentley? M.I.A., you have some splainin’ to do!

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