Lollapalooza ’07: Pearl Jam Celebrate The ’90s, Left-Wing Politics, Dennis Rodman

“As a young man who used to ride the El train and listen on a Walkman to people like Patti Smith and Iggy Pop, there’s a great deal of meaning to performing on this stage,” said hometown hero Eddie Vedder, right before launching into one of the band’s least Patti/Pop influenced tunes, “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A My God We Forgot How Many Words Are In This Song’s Title.” With beers hoisted skyward, we all just wanted to scream “HELLO!” alongside a throng of something approximating 800,000 folks in Grant Park. The song was sorta perfect — a tune about past days, coming from the band most befitting Gen X nostalgia.

Eddie Vedder (or “EdVed,” as !!!’s Nic Offer called him earlier in the day) was everywhere this weekend, turning up to play with everyone from Kings Of Leon (on “Slow Night, Slow Long“) to Ben Harper (on Dylan’s “Masters Of War“). And of course, PJ buddy Harper returned the favor, joining the Jam’s headlining set for protest tune “No More.” There was a massive fireworks display during “Even Flow,” the biggest sing along we’ve ever witnessed during “Alive” (check the shitty, fan-captured YouTube!), and the defining WTF moment of the weekend: a “Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World” encore with Pearl Jam joined onstage by a ton of fans and Lance Armstrong, ending with Eddie Vedder perched triumphantly upon Dennis Rodman’s shoulders.

[Photo by WireImage]

Alas Ten lovers, 24 songs and no “Jeremy.” But we’ve got the next best thing; take the jump for vid of “Jeremy” from Lolla ’92. Also, PJ’s setlist and a photo from yesterday when we ran into Dennis Rodman lighting a blunt.

01 “Why Go”
02 “Corduroy”
03 “Save You”
04 “Do The Evolution”
05 “Small Town”
06 “Severed Hand”
07 “Education”
08 “Even Flow”
09 “Given To Fly”
10 “World Wide Suicide”
11 “Don’t Go to BP/Amoco
12 “LUKIN!”
13 “Not For You”
14 “Daughter” > “Another Brick in the Wall Pt. II”
15 “State Of Love And Trust”
16 “Waster Reprise”
17 “Alive”
ENCORE 1: “Betterman” > “Save It For Later,” “Crazy Mary,” “Life Wasted,” “RVM”
ENCORE 2: “No More,” “Rockin’ In The Free World”