New M.I.A. Video – “Jimmy”

After the busy-bright line dancing of “Boyz,” M.I.A. second clip from Kala is a more subtle affair — Ms. Arulpragasm (we’re contractually obligated to include her last name at least once per post) switching between traditional Indian jewelry (befitting the Bollywood vibe) and her onstage leotard of choice. Lolla goers will recognize the choreography (minus the rig climbing). Bonus fun: “Aaja” means “come.” (More like “come here,” pervs.)

Since having our way with Maya’s Kala, we felt a need to corroborate word that “Jimmy” is in fact a cover of an old Hindi film tune. For help in naming that tune, we consulted our resident Bollywood expert (a.k.a. Amrit’s mom), setting her up with a listen of the track and asking for her musical analysis. The result of Rani’s research after the jump.

That’s “Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja” by Parvati Khan, from the 1983 film Disco Dancer starring Mithun Chakraborty, Kim, and Om Puri. Yes, IMDB is on it.

Thanks Mrs. Singh! We’ll send ya a box of methai.

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