New Old Dr. Dog – “Oh My God”

Yesterday we spoke of Mr. Banhart’s generosity, but the guys in Dr. Dog have been posting a free track stream to the We All Belong site every blue Monday since July 2nd. The material, “recorded at various times in various places in the last five years … or so,” is probably twofold: A way to remind folks We All Belong dropped this past February and that album five, supposedly surfacing in early ’08, isn’t too far away. Along with the new old track, each week a new letter’s placed into the official Flash-style Dr. Dog player’s hangman blanks — the shaggy rockers are at number six (out of ten). Right now it looks like this: “p _ s _ e d _ w a _.” We’re thinking “Passed Away,” but of course we’re hoping it’s “Pissed Twat.” Time will tell.

That spiffy Dr. Dog streamer also offers Karaoke-style lyric prompts along with each tune, so you can sing alone on first listen. In weeks one through five this has been helpful (occasionally necessary), but the current song “Oh My God” is a crackling barnyard spiritual that remains pretty singular in its visions, the gang intoning and warbling the title over and over, only now and again deviating with something like: “Memory don’t serve me well, / so I can’t tell how much money / I have dropped in wishing wells,” etc.

These here country-psych nuggets never fail to ease us back into the blog week with smiles on our faces, but if you hate change and prefer something immediately familiar, we suggest the very sunglasses-oriented video of the band performing “The Girl” on the Late Late Show a couple weeks ago, waiting for your pleasure after the jump.

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