New Patrick Park – “Here We Are”

Tired of watching the final episode of The OC on repeat? Well, the FOX soap you stopped giving a shit about in ’04 is long gone, but Patrick Park isn’t. Remember “Life Is A Song,” the smooth ditty that helped bring the show’s four-year tenure to an emo-folk finale? Life is also a highway: Fast forward a few months and Park’s but a few weeks away from his sophomore full-length Everyone’s In Everyone. Fitting title for someone who made their name via a prime time teen soap, no? Okay, that’s our last OC joke because, really, the first single “Here We Are” shows a marked upgrade and depth to the L.A.-based singer/songwriter’s intensity, chops, and all-around skills.

Actually, the rambling three-minute meditation would make good sense for some desert-based moment of epiphany in a Wes Anderson flick (fitting, especially, if you remember Park’s old promo pics during his Richie Tenenbaum phase). We kid, but the track’s a great listen: check how this thing simmers into a low-level mountain-high dust spinner and oddly abridged denouement. Yup, dude’s good at endings ? dusty, elegant.

Patrick Park – “Here We Are” (MP3)

Everyone’s In Everyone is out 8/21 on Curb Appeal.

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