Tay Zonday Live On Kimmel

Well? Is he faking, or isn’t he? 4 million YouTube views later, you thought you had it sussed out (or, more likely, stopped caring). So did we. But then Tay dropped by Kimmel’s studio to bring the thunder of “Rain” live and in the flesh. Of course, you’re still gonna have to use YouTube to observe, but do it — it’s f’in mesmerizing. (Which is a kind way to describe the audience’s expressions during the Tay display.) Really though, you’ve gotta stick around for the post-performance interview. Note the stiff body while talking; okay, his voice is producing that sound, but when you’re using your normal speaking voice, is your torso that stiff? And please observe the death stare he gives Catherine Bell after her “Chocolate” assessment. If you are like him in either of those two respects … please let’s never meet. (via Best Week Ever)

We fully realize that the meme has run its course when there’s a John Mayer remix, but we’re powerless to resist giving you a link to Chocolate Radiohead.

Okay NOW it has officially run its course. Still think he’s faking though. Still think we’re in love with him. (What is it?! What is he?!) Anyway, after the jump, more apologies to Matt Damon.

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