New Eef Barzelay Video – “I Love The Unknown”

Although it looks like a bit of a Thumbsucker (and this vid does little to quell that impression), we hear Rocket Science is a fantastic flick. Take a stuttering shy kid, have him man up and join the high school debate team to woo the woman of his dreams — and cue the subsequent life calamities (parents split, dream girl’s not who she seemed, life is just dismay old chum, etc.). Most assuredly, lessons will be learned and you will walk out a better person! On the Rocket Science soundtrack is Clem Snide’s Eef Barzelay, and the vid for his contribution “I Love The Unknown” captures the crooner looking like the young teacher all the girls in high school think is cute — mugging in the classroom, knocking down books in the library, jumping with the kids on the bus. Think Eef “love the unknown”s a few too many times, but it serves as a sweet movie preview.

Rocket Science premiered at Sundance this January, but hits a theater-possibly-near-you 8/10.