New Go! Team Video – “Doing It Right”

Ever get the feeling the Go! Team thought the ’70s/’80s just were a better place? That’s the most rhetorical question you’ll read all day. Aside from the odd chase around the city with Ms. Pacman and the like, the Team’s vids are no different, going two-for-two with the throwback love for the clips from the excellently evaluated Proof Of Youth. Unlike Grip’s muted colors and politico-tones, Go! bring it back to the party — where it’s grain footage of live action/blocky animation set to faded technicolor, partying with handclaps, glockenspiels, and a rapping Ninja. It’s also the big bow for new guitarist/vocalist Kaori Tsuchida, who sings the hooks and brings some cowgirl flair to the proceedings. Marching bands, rappers, and cowgirls together in one place? Exactly.

UPDATE: It’s Go! Team day! Take the jump for their vid for the gently picked guitar ballad “My World,” featuring lots of unrelated live concert footage and shots of pretty sunsets.

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