New Annie Lennox – “Dark Road”

Annie Lennox joined the American Idol parade last season, but we understand — gotta reach the great, teletubby masses. Now the ex-Eurythmics siren readies solo LP#4, titled Songs Of Mass Destruction (i.e. songs to play at your next MySpace house party!). “Dark Horse is our first listen, a typically theatrical ballad informed by producer Glen Ballard’s warm, FM-friendly tone tweaking. This is Annie in I’m-strong-enough-on-my-own mode, singing about open, shady roads to tread on her lonesome, flashing a little vulnerability and, for a few bars, a little aggression (hey hey hey).

Annie Lennox – “Dark Road” (QT | WMA)

Songs For Mass Destruction is out 10/2 on Arista. It’s got some shitty album art, but guess it’s typical Annie.

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