New Forms – “Knowledge In Hand”

Somewhat silly that our first post on NYC’s most under-appreciated band came via viral vid (four hands + one guitar = 90210 theme song), but the Forms last (and only) record — the breathtaking post-hardcore gem Icarus — came out in ’03, and we were but a lowly LiveJournal account back then. (And in fairness, that 90210 clip was classic.) But we don’t need to fish for excuses to mention the Forms anymore; their Albini-produced self-titled follow-up is just weeks away.

Throughout, the Forms morph post-rock piano into a sort of blustery, hyper-melodic distorto-rush of Diary-era Sunny Day reality, weaving heart-on-sleeve harmonies and tricky time signatures (see “Bones, “Redgun”) into confident, ethereal indie rock. We’ve always heard traces of Pinback and Rob Crow in the mix — maybe for the Forms deft blend of the brainy and the emotional (“Blue Whale”), maybe ’cause Alex Tween is a crush-worthy ‘n’ versatile vocalist going from wounded to wounding in 0.6 seconds — though the name game doesn’t do The Forms justice. In honesty, we’ve spun the record so much that we’ve listened ourselves into a bit of a corner, so you’re best off just taking the 5/4 jam “Knowledge In Hand” (that post-punk break/sleight return slays) and digging in yourself — with our highest endorsement.

The Forms – “Knowledge In Hand” (MP3)

NYCers, get down to the Seaport tonight for the band’s free show with the National and Takka Takka. The Forms is out 10/23 on the band’s Threespheres label. And if you’re new to the game, one from Icarus

The Forms – “Sunday” (MP3)

Head here for more from the first LP, and hit MySpace to stream another new one. Enjoy.

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